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DDS Wireless boasts its AI-driven routing and scheduling solutions as the best in the transportation industry. We enable some of the largest on-demand passenger transport operators to run highly efficient and cost-effective operations. Key features of our routing and scheduling engine:

Proprietary AI driven algorithms to build efficient routes with ridesharing for fleets of all sizes

Optimize routes and schedules for your entire fleet based on available capacity, business rules, and environmental data (travel speeds, vehicle types, passenger needs etc.)

Rules-based engine to ensure KPI targets such as on-time performance, service windows, dead heading miles, maximum ride time, capacity utilization and others are met, while reducing operating costs and using appropriate vehicle/service providers

Continuous optimization to address real-time events such as traffic congestion, road closures, weather events, vehicle breakdown, new jobs/cancellations and more

Our AI-driven routing and scheduling algorithms are the core of our SaaS offerings which are used by the largest operators including the largest transit authority in North America offering service to over 30,000 paratransit riders every day.

“With ADEPT our productivity saw a dramatic 30% increase while call handling time decreased by the same amount.  In addition service denials dropped from 4.8% to 0%.”

New York City Transit

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