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Change is forcing disruption and putting pressure on everyone in the transportation industry. We are committed to giving our customers the solutions needed to take advantage of change. Trip costs, the increase in number of passengers utilizing on demand transport and the elevated expectations regarding self-service tools has amplified the challenges on the road ahead. The good news is we have built the tools necessary to take advantage of this change. Our solutions help you address the following:

  • 25% of Productivity loss on the day of service. More effective day of service execution
  • Deregulation challenges that upend the status quo. Build out a leveraged business model.
  • Passengers are demanding better service. Increase number of self-service tools
  • Budgets are stagnant-Streamline Human resources and IT Infrastructure

“With ADEPT our productivity saw a dramatic 30% increase while call handling time decreased by the same amount.  In addition service denials dropped from 4.8% to 0%.”

New York City Transit

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ADEPT IQ: Addressing the Challenges of Demand-Responsive Transit

Increased consumer demands, higher expectations for technology, rising costs, stagnant budgets and a widening playing field thanks to alternative mobility options like ride hailing, transit agencies face a challenging time.


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