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DDS Wireless empowers taxi companies in the transformed industry with innovative solutions.

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Smart pick-ups and swift drop-offs

All the taxi management and cab dispatch tools you need are at your fingertips to successfully manage your taxi business.

Less Waiting, More Driving

Optimize ride routes efficiently.

Earn More, Less Gas

Maximize road time efficiently.

Delight Your Passengers

Enhance passenger bookings.

Enhancing Taxi Fleet Management with Versatile Features

Streamline and enhance various aspects of taxi fleet management, from booking and dispatching to monitoring and reporting.

Stay on top of mobile ride-hailing

DDS Wireless’s cutting-edge software products mean you can take full control in driving efficiency, enhancing customer experiences, and earn more with each ride.

Save On Fuel Without Sacrificing Service

The cost of fuel is going up, but your fuel cost doesn’t necessarily have to. Make more informed choices about your fleet that could save you more in the long run.

Attract & Retain Skilled Drivers For Your Fleet

Having fewer drivers in your fleet can cut into your capacity, lead to longer wait times and drain your profits. Feeling the pinch? Beat the labor shortage and do more with fewer drivers in your fleet.

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