Improving OTP, TCR, and Cost Efficiency

Built with revolutionary AI-driven predictive routing, give your customers more than they could ever dream of.

Innovating for NEMT & Paratransit Accessibility

Optimizing routes and schedules, including on-demand paratransit, minimizes unnecessary diversions, cuts down on travel duration, maximizes vehicle occupancy, and lowers operational expenses.

Passengers are demanding forward-thinking paratransit services

Ensure that each passenger's journey is accessible, convenient, and accommodating.

Accessible, Inclusive & Compliant

Empower passengers to book trips independently.

Deliver Amazing Experiences

Compliance at passengers’ doorsteps.

Optimize Your Operations

Meet targets with smart automation handling the details.

Intuitive, Next-Generation 
Paratransit Software

Stay ahead in the era of digital ride-hailing with a cutting-edge, AI-powered, fully integrated cloud platform offering transportation management solutions and on-demand mobility services.

Empower your passengers with self-service tools

Empower passengers with personalized trips and improve accessibility with ADA paratransit features for those with physical and cognitive challenges.

Automate easily & scale faster

Embrace dispatch fleet management system automation to handle administrative tasks efficiently. Alleviate pressure on your staff with intelligent tools, allowing your professionals to concentrate on reviewing and intervening. 

Simple, straight-forward integration

Why limit yourself to just one platform when you can seamlessly integrate multiple solutions? ADEPT IQ is crafted to function as a unified system or can be smoothly incorporated into other systems through clearly defined interfaces.

Our Software Integrations 

Create the platform you want with nothing you don’t need. 
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