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The Taxi industry has seen a lot of change in the last in the last few years. Deregulation disruption of new entrants into the market and the increasing pressure for better services has put a lot of pressure on taxi and transportation services providers worldwide. We are committed to helping the Taxi and transportation market address the change and take advantage of it.


  • Change is forcing disruption. Meet the Deregulation changes
  • Passengers are demanding better service. Increase self-service tools
  • Infrastructure are aging. Reduce Operation Cost


  • Transportation regulations are changing globally to allow TNCs and other less regulated service providers to change pricing and service areas rules
  • Passengers today believe that TNC pickup faster and cheaper
  • Disruptors have changed the way Passengers see transportation
  • Everyone expects more out of from self-service tool
  • Passengers want transparency and real-time data
  • Minimum wage is increasing. Average trip costs have been increasing by 9% year over year for the last 5 years
  • Scalability, availability and reliability is a must have


  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Network
  • Expanding as a transportation provider
  • Branded Passenger App
  • DDS Business Manager
  • Web based Calltaker
  • Cloud Architecture (Amazon Cloud)
  • Driver Efficiency tools
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Meet the Deregulation changes

Deregulation is a constantly evolving event. For Taxi and transportation services providers to survive they need the tools to combat this ongoing event . Being able to offer different services , offer flexible or dynamic prices, network capabilities and better repeat business account based tools is the best way to address competitive tension and deregulation.


  • Come together as a Taxi industry to provide better service than TNCs
  • Establish your brand as offering the fastest service time
  • Allow your passengers to request service in any service area from your app
  • Combine high availability with the security of a professional driver
  • Partners with other Taxi companies to provide branded regional or account app
  • Grow as a Transportation Service Provider by being inside Network
  • Enable Regional / National branded App
  • B-2-B-2-B app branded app for accounts ( i.e. hospitals) served by multiple taxi companies
  • Cross-Company trip sharing during capacity limitation
  • 3rd Party trip integrations such as travel sites

Dynamic Pricing

  • Grow as a Transportation Service Provider by providing multiple services
  • Provide discount, fixed price and offer promotion during low times
  • Price based on real-time data ( current demand, fleet utilization, event, traffic, etc)
  • Promote your app by running campaign
  • Allow your passengers to request different services from your app
    Combine lower pricing with the security of a professional driver


  • Transportation regulations are changing globally to allow TNCs and other less regulated service providers
  • TNCs are changing passenger expectations of wait time, visibility, and price
  • Passengers today believe that a TNC pickup will be faster and cheaper
  • Pricing rules don’t apply to TNC Drivers allow them to offer various pricing
    • Dynamic Pricing
  • Service areas pickup rules don’t apply to TNC Drivers offering them higher availability
    • Network

Expanding as a transportation provider

Taxi and Transportation services providers need to be able to Offer Different services including:

  • Private hire
  • TNC
  • On-demand transport
  • Home to School
  • Paratransit
  • Non-emergency
  • Corporate accounts
  • Specialized Transport

Using our multi-fleet capabilities as well as other tools like networked Apps, this should be easy to do. This will allow Taxi and Transportation service providers to diversify and expand revenue streams.

Increase self service tools

Branded Passenger App

  • Meet Passenger expectations related to self-service tools by providing up-to-date data, such as where is my cab, show me the route, ETA etc.
  • Provide easy in and out from their ride with in-app pay
  • Provide driver rating to meet the expectation on quality of the service

DDS Business Manager

Web based portal allows you to manage your business apps

  • Branded to your logo and colours
  • SMS / Phone Or Email validation of customer account
  • Code Push Technology: Passengers never need to download a new version

Reducing Operation cost


Reduce total cost of ownership while improving availability, scalability, and security with an Amazon Cloud deployment

  • Widespread availability with geographical redundancy
  • Superior security with GovCloud
  • True leveraged network of partners
  • Easier upgrades and monitoring

RESTful API’s and Integration

Modules are designed to work together as one system or they can be integrated through well-defined interfaces with other systems

  • Modular & restful API to integrate with anything
  • Easily integrates with MaaS Global and others to easily incorporate next-generation initiatives
  • Reduced risk during migration as it can be done one module at a time ensuring full compliance before moving on
  • Low upgrade risk with limited scope of change rather than affecting entire system

Web-based Calltaker

Reduce total cost of operation while arranging more effective use of resources

  • Web-based technology to provide reliability, scalability and availability
  • Leverage AWS, BI tools and telephony
  • Meet Call Taker needs using modern UI
  • Reduce Operation cost by adding staff for peak hours only
  • Allowing operators to work from anywhere or outsourcing

Reporting and Dashboard

Real-time decision making and reporting with visualized graph and dashboard

  • Adapt and respond to real-time change to know delays and improve service time
  • Real-time ETA with Traffic and embedded map
  • Real-time Dashboard and Graph
  • Widget-based workspace and ability to customize the order for reporting

Driver Apps

A sleek and innovative designed mSlate tablet, that includes a branded driver app.

  • Designed for drivers to work efficiently and safely
  • Sophisticated dispatch to provide customer satisfaction and driver fairness
  • Integrated solution with all peripheral such as roof light, meter, printer, etc.
  • Support for Soft meter to reduce cost of physical meter and installation (NTEP Certification)

“I have been using PathFinder for more than 5 years. PathFinder’s configurability has allowed me to change my business model a number of times. I now have a black car fleet, expanded my corporate accounts business, and shifted my taxi fleet to focus more on paratransit.”

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