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The Taxi industry has seen a lot of change in the last few years. Deregulation, disruption caused by new entrants into the market, and the increasing demand for better services have put a lot of pressure on taxi and transportation services providers.

The Future of Your Taxi Operation

DDS Wireless’ Taxi Dispatch & Fleet Management solution is the best in the industry and built using intelligent routing and scheduling algorithms. Our solutions enable taxi companies to run highly efficient fleets while maximizing service levels and reducing their operating costs. Join leading taxi companies across that are using our taxi dispatch solutions to effectively compete with TNCs (Ride-hailing services) and to provide a great passenger experience.

Operational Efficiency

  • Automate your operations with real-time business intelligence
  • Intelligent, fully automated dispatch engine to maximize your fleet’s performance
  • Offers Integrated maps with real-time vehicle tracking and predictive routing

Productivity Tools

  • Out-of-box integrations with IVR, Web-booking, Branded Passenger Apps, In-App and In-Vehicle Payments (US Only), and Cashiering solutions
  • Productivity Tools for drivers including Driver App, Companion App and a Driver Portal
  • A holistic powerful solution for you to stay competitive in today’s ride-share market

Passenger Experience

  • Best passenger experience with patented algorithms for fastest pickup
  • Keep your passengers updated with real-time status via SMS notifications, IVR and in-app taxi tracking
  • Reduce cash transactions with seamless and secure in-app and in-vehicle fare payments

TaxiBook IQ ™

Smart, user-friendly and affordable platform built by taxi experts for taxi experts. With 30+ years of experience in the taxi industry under the hood, TaxiBook IQ is packed with features to optimize your business while improving driver and passenger satisfaction.  Optimize and grow your taxi business with TaxiBook IQ. Quick to set up and easy to use, TaxiBook IQ is the most affordable taxi dispatch system.



Quick and easy setup

Pay as you go with no upfront costs

Industry’s most flexible dispatch engine


Automated Dispatch

Features an intelligent, fully automated dispatch engine to send the quickest and nearest cab to your passenger. TaxiBook IQ optimizes dispatch for your needs based on GPS and custom zones.

Dispatcher Dashboard Optimization

This feature is designed to provide a clutter-free, distraction-free experience for dispatchers, allowing them to focus on assigning rides and managing taxis efficiently.

Easy to use admin, supervisor and reporting features

Easily handle all your vehicles, drivers, fares and dispatch rules. Grow your business and improve profitability with real-time insights and reports.

Web-based Call Taker

This feature is ideal for remote workers. Reduce your cost of operation, improve resource utilization, and offer flexibility to your employees.

TomTom Maps with real-time vehicle tracking

Track your booked and available vehicles in real time. Add your own points of interest or use live search to easily find addresses or landmarks. Provide accurate fare estimates.


Driver Portal

Access real-time data on completed trips, high demand zones, clearance balance, driver ratings, their daily earnings, cashiering and trip metrics. Drivers save themselves a trip to the dispatch office to view completed trip information. The Driver portal now offers access to the Hours of Service (HOS) feature, designed to optimize the safety and efficiency of your fleet.

Driver App

Improve driver productivity with easy-to-use Driver App. Use with DDS mSlate III device or on your own Android tablets.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation integrated in Driver App

Improve driver experience with turn-by-turn navigation. Enables drivers to find routes to new developments, the fastest routes, as well as detours.

Soft Meter

Provide precise time, distance & fare within the driver app. Save on purchase and upkeep of physical meter. (Available in select markets.)

Driver App for secondary device

Drivers can install the app on their smartphones. This enables drivers to stay connected and receive notifications about new jobs while away from their vehicles.


Secure in-app or in-vehicle payments (available in US Only) integrated with the latest payment terminals. Passengers can tap, chip and swipe credit/debit cards and Apple/Google pay or use the branded Passenger App to make in-app payments. Options available to process paperless account vouchers for account passengers.


Branded Passenger App

Improve your presence in the market with a custom branded passenger app for Android and iOS. Attract new customers to your brand and stay competitive in the evolving transportation market.

In-app Payments

Streamline your passengers’ experience with easy-to-use in-app payments. Reduce the hassle of handling credit cards machines and cash transactions.

In-vehicle Payments (US Only)

Secure in-vehicle payments integrated with the latest payment terminals. Passengers can tap, chip, and swipe credit/debit cards and Apple/Google pay.


Improve customer experience and generate additional rides from your website.

Passenger Notifications (SMS)

Keep your passengers updated with real-time notifications regarding their booking, ETA, and taxi arrival.


Automate your inbound calls with state-of-the-art IVR solution with natural language processing capability. Enable passengers to easily book, update and cancel trips on the phone as well as get real-time updates.

Add-on features


Offer a paper-free and self-serve program for Corporate Accounts with a dashboard reporting engine.

Accounts can manage their individual passengers and their trip limits using digital corporate passes.

Additional features such as QR code scanning for vouchers, coupons and tickets and signature capture for your account customers, reducing the need for paper-based receipts, that require lengthy manual process.

Voucher and digital transaction processing to reduce manual record-keeping and eliminate the potential for payment fraud.

Web Cashiering

Web-based feature-rich cashiering module designed for simple, rapid cashier process.

Full cash-out details to include opening and closing balances, Debits and Credits, and Payout options.

Drivers have the option to view all fees and charges as well as full credit, with the option of messaging head-office in event of something that needs inspection.

Ready to optimize your transportation organization?

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