DDS Wireless

DDS Wireless’ offers a complete solution for management of home to school and social service transport for local education authorities and school districts.

Adjusts to your specific business needs

  • Maximise vehicle occupancy and increase concessionary income by including non-eligible clients
  • Automatically determine eligibility for most students at the touch of a button and move them between academic years
  • Allocate students to nearest or most appropriate stop
  • Handle new requests and changes in real time
  • Integrate transport planning with real-time operations

Transforms overall operation

  • Optimize for complex journey requirements in seconds
  • Significantly reduce transport costs by strategically planning for requirements
  • Quickly determine financial impact of policy changes
  • Reduce environmental impact by increasing ridesharing and ensuring selection of the most appropriate vehicle
  • Provides integrated contract, staff, and financial management


MTC is the premier transport management system designed specifically for mainstream and special education needs transportation. Fusing current mapping technology, automated routing algorithms and networked communication, the MTC suite includes all of the tools needed to efficiently manage and plan home-to-school transportation.

  • Manage mainstream and SEN school transport database
  • Automate and optimize routing through GIS-based system
  • Automate allocation and re-optimization of existing school transport contracts
  • Keep on top of committed and predicted costs with a powerful cost browser
  • Generate built-in and customized reports without data access restrictions
  • Deploy in the cloud or on your own servers

“What used to take minutes per pupil now takes the same time for a whole school.”

Worcestershire County Council

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DDS Wireless