TrustRide Passenger App Brochure

Exceed riders’ expectations by providing a convenient and easy-to-use app with trip tracking, schedules, and more with TrustRide, for ADEPT IQ.

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TrustRide, powered by ADEPT IQ, goes beyond expectations, offering a user-friendly app with trip tracking, schedules, and more to enhance the rider experience. Learn about TrustRide’s key features:

  • Effortless and hassle-free registration for passenger onboarding of the app.
  • Passengers stay informed with real-time trip tracking, providing live vehicle location and more.
  • Passengers or caregivers can easily book trips through the app, and track and manage trips.
  • TrustRide works with ADEPT IQ by syncing dispatchers, drivers and passengers in real-time.

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