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Maintain Your Competitive Edge In The Disrupted Taxi & Rideshare Industry 

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Real Results With RaaS

On-Time Performance (OTP)

A large metropolitan agency in US saw their OTP skyrocket, going from 85% to an impressive 93% just by optimizing their schedules and routes.

Total Trips Per Day

Another client in a bustling metropolitan area in the US boosted their daily trip count from 7,500 to over 28,000 — all while maximizing productivity.

Trips Per Revenue-Hour

A paratransit company enhanced their OTP considerably and reported a remarkable 30% increase in trips per revenue-hour.


A transport company slashed their deadhead time by a staggering 30%, allowing them to maximize their trips delivered.

Cost Per Trip

A regional taxi service cut down their cost per trip by 10%, which resulted in sizeable cost savings in the long run.

Give your organization the competitive edge of RaaS

Stand out against your competition with intelligent routing & scheduling on your side.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

RaaS empowers organizations to achieve an all-new level of efficiency through their offerings, by allowing applications and services to use comprehensive route planning and scheduling capabilities.

Optimal Route Generation

RaaS leverages advanced routing calculations to generate optimal routes, considering ETA factors like distance, time, and traffic constraints. Save  on time and resources, and boost your overall efficiency.

Customization and Integration

RaaS offers customization and integration capabilities, allowing you to tailor your service offerings to your unique needs and preferences.

Competitive Edge

Invest in RaaS now, and deliver superior service to your customers by harnessing its advanced capabilities. Don’t wait, or your competitors will unlock this advantage first.

Changing Industries Everywhere With State-of-the-Art Routing & Scheduling

Whatever industry you operate in, RaaS can change the way you work.

Retail Scheduling

Use RaaS’s scheduling capabilities to achieve a whole-new level of efficiency.

Logistics Optimization For Companies & Agencies

Harness RaaS’s advanced routing calculations for the best possible route, every time.

Transit Route Optimization

Leverage RaaS algorithms & enhance your efficiency, reduce delays, and improve your transportation system’s overall performance.

Parcel Delivery

Leave the competition in the dust with RaaS’s intelligent tools that boost your on-time performance rate for delivering parcels.

Healthcare Appointment Management

With RaaS, you can factor in distance, time, traffic constraints, and more, so your appointments are not late.

Third-Party Applications

Customize your offerings with RaaS’s integration capabilities, so you can offer a truly unique experience.

School Bus Service

With RaaS, you can optimize your operations and maximize your impact, moving more students with fewer vehicles.

On-Demand Route Optimization

RaaS’s dynamic algorithms adapt in real-time to suit demand fluctuations, ensuring you can deliver efficient and responsive transportation services.

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