Demand Responsive Services with AI and Smart Routing

Become more inclusive and offer an efficient transportation experience for individuals with diverse mobility needs.

Forward-thinking DRT for any transportation type

Inclusive Demand Response Services

Instant Trip Booking and Swift Team Response

, regional collaboration, and the utilization of NEMT software collectively

Efficient Automation for Targeted Success

Optimize transport costs while maintaining service standards.

TaxiBook IQ manages public transport costs while upholding service standards.

Empower your customers with self-service tools

Every passenger is different, so allow them to make their trip truly their own. Give passengers the desired tools to manage their experiences better.

Automate easily and scale faster

Let automation take care of dull, monotonous tasks. Reduce strain on your personnel with smart tools, while focusing the expertise of your professionals to review & intervene.

Simple, straight-forward integration

Elevate operational efficiency and rider satisfaction in your demand-responsive transport business with TaxiBook IQ paired with MobiRouter, offering a comprehensive set of capabilities.

Our Software Integrations 

Create the platform you want with nothing you don’t need. 
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