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ADEPT is the most advanced paratransit dispatch system in use today. Deployed worldwide and performing over 25 million trips per year, ADEPT maximizes operational effectiveness, improves on-time performance and reduces cost per mile.

ADEPT is the world’s highest performance paratransit demand response software

Adjusts to your specific business needs

  • Configure the ADEPT system to follow your unique business rules
  • Support up to 50,000 trips per day and an unlimited number of riders
  • Increase customer satisfaction with superior on-time performance
  • Easily manage compliance requirements with a comprehensive rider database, certification tracking and flexible reporting system

Transforms overall operation

  • Optimize resource utilization with the industry’s best scheduling & routing engine
  • Reduce reservation calls by enabling riders to manage their trips online
  • Minimize no shows by providing real-time ETA notifications close to the time of pickup
  • Improve productivity to drive down cost per vehicle mile and achieve new heights in efficiency

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ADEPT™ Product Brochure

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“It makes a novice look good. We’ve been able to work with ADEPT and put customers first.”

Pullman Transit

Major Capabilities

ADEPT Explorer

This mobile app provides your drivers with up-to-date trip manifests and turn-by-turn navigation for optimal productivity and safety.

  • Track arrival and perform events at each stop while maintaining continuous communication with dispatch
  • Maximize vehicle safety and accuracy with turn-by-turn navigation, including optional real-time traffic alerts
  • Available for Android or the DDS mSlateTM ruggedized tablet

ADEPT Concierge (Coming 2018)

Improve the passenger experience with a branded mobile app that provides your riders with the freedom to book and manage their own trips at their convenience, while also receiving notifications about arrival times.

  • Allow riders to book and manage trips independently, reducing reservation calls and improving riders’ overall quality of experience
  • Keep riders informed and minimize complaints and no-shows with map view of route and vehicle location, trip ETAs and push notifications

Ready to optimize your transportation organization?

400 million trips are booked and managed annually through DDS Solutions.