DDS Wireless

Quick and easy setup          Pay as you go with no upfront costs          Industry’s most flexible dispatch engine

Starter Package

USD $14/vehicle/month + taxes€14/vehicle/month + VAT

Automated Dispatch Intelligent dispatch engine with fully automated bookings. Optimizes dispatch for your needs based on GPS and custom zones.
Tom Tom Maps with Real-time vehicle tracking Track your booked and available vehicles in real-time. Add your own point of interests or use live search to easily find addresses / landmarks. Provide accurate fare estimates.
Easy to use admin, supervisor and reporting features Easily handle all your vehicles, drivers, fares and dispatch rules. Grow your business and improve profitability with real-time insights and reports
TaxiBook Passenger App User-friendly app for your customers. Provides accurate fare estimates, automated bookings, GPS tracking and driver ratings
In-app Payments Streamline your passengers’ experience with easy to use in-app payments. Reduce hassle of handling credit cards machines and cash transactions
DDS Driver App Improve driver productivity with easy to use DDS Driver App. Use with DDS mSlate III or on your own android tablets.

Premium Package

USD $20/vehicle/month + taxes€20/vehicle/month + VAT

Starter Package + All of the great features of the Starter Package
Branded Passenger App (one-time setup fee required) Improve your presence in the market with Branded Passengers Apps for Android and iOS. Attract new customers to your brand and stay competitive
Passenger Notifications (SMS) Keep you passengers updated with real-time notifications regarding their booking, ETA and taxi arrival
Soft Meter Provide precise time, distance & fare withing the driver app. Save on purchase and upkeep of physical meter. Available in select markets
Driver App for secondary device Drivers can install app on their smartphone. Enables drivers to stay connected and receive new jobs while away from their vehicles
Discounts for larger fleets Scale your operation as needed

  *Up to 10 vehicles


Turn by Turn Navigation integrated in Driver App Improve driver experience with Turn by Turn navigation. Enables drivers to find routes to new developments, fastest routes, as well as detours
DDS Wireless