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Customers are increasingly interested in modern self-service tools as the source of immediate answers and to satisfy needs. If they need to get somewhere, they expect a real-time map. If they are collaborating, they expect their counterparts to see the same information. Consumers expect easy-to-use tools to facilitate daily tasks, regardless of the setting.

DDS Wireless and StrataGen are committed to streamlining your passengers’ experiences through Mobile Apps and Web-based solutions. We understand:

  • Passenger Expectations are increasing
  • Disruptors have changed the way we view transportation
  • Everyone expects more out of their self-service tools
  • Real-time data is readily available in most if not all other parts of a passenger’s life
  • Embedded maps are a must (driver, passenger and dispatch must see the same thing in real-time)
  • 100% uptime is the baseline


TrustRide App

We are thrilled to bring you our powerful TrustRide app designed to revolutionize the way you travel with accessibility and convenience in mind.

Key Highlights:

  • Seamless Trip Management: Say goodbye to long waiting times and endless phone calls! TrustRide allows you to effortlessly book, review, and cancel your paratransit trips right from your smartphone.
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking: Stay informed and in control! Experience the power of real-time tracking, giving you live updates on your designated vehicle’s location for an accurate ETA.
  • User-Friendly Interface: We’ve carefully crafted TrustRide with simplicity in mind. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth, frustration-free experience for all users.

Our user-friendly app lets you connect to your local paratransit service provider to track your trips in real time. Your journey to enhanced mobility begins here!


Branded Passenger App

Passengers expect the same level of service from taxi apps that they get from disruptor’s apps:

  • Modern usability
  • Taxi locations on map & ETA
  • In-app payment from all major credit cards
  • Driver rating and experience
  • Quickest pick-up
  • View trip history, automatic email receipts, & the option to resend receipts

We enable our Taxi customers customize the passenger apps with their logo and colours further increasing customer engagement with your brand.

Web Booker

Enable your passengers and account customers to book trips from the web

  • Modern usability
  • Taxi locations on map & ETA
  • Quickest pick-up
  • Embed in your website for regular passengers
  • Enable self-service for your accounts with a secure webpage


Automate your inbound calls with state-of-the-art IVR solution with natural language processing capability

  • Enables passengers to easily book, update and cancel trips on the phone
  • No need to put customers on hold during busy hours
  • Provides real-time update to passengers calling with an upcoming booking
  • Enhanced experience for repeat customers using data from previous bookings
  • Fully integrated to ensure quickest cab dispatch


SMS and Callouts to passengers notifying them of bookings, vehicle arrival


Parent App

Parents want to know the status of their children’s school bus in real time via an easy-to-use app. DDS Parent App offers:

  • Secure App: Only authorized parents get access to the see information about their children’s school bus
  • Enables Parents to view school bus route and track its live status
  • Real time notifications of bus arrival, departure, and if there are any delays
  • Enables parents to notify operator if they want to cancel any future pickups
  • Modern and Easy to use

Ready to optimize your transportation organization?

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