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Everyone looks to modern mobile apps as the source of immediate answers and to satisfy needs. If they need to get somewhere, they expect a real-time map. If they are collaborating, they expect their counterpart to see the same information. Consumers expect easy-to-use tools to facilitate daily tasks, regardless of the setting.

DDS Wireless and StrataGen are committed to streamlining the passenger and driver’s experiences through Mobile Apps. We understand:

  • Passenger & Driver Expectations are increasing
  • Disruptors have changed the way we view transportation
  • Everyone expects more out of their self-service tools
  • Real-time data is readily available in most if not all other parts of a passenger’s life
  • Embedded maps are a must (driver, passenger and dispatch must see the same thing in real-time)
  • 100% uptime is the baseline


Branded Passenger App

Taxi passengers expect the same level of service from taxi apps that they get from disruptor’s apps:

  • Modern usability
  • Taxi locations on map & ETA
  • In-app payment from all major credit cards
  • Driver rating and experience
  • Quickest pick-up
  • View trip history, automatic email receipts, & the option to resend receipts

DDS Business Manager

Web-based portal allows you to manage your business apps

  • Branded to your logo and colours
  • SMS / Phone Or Email validation of customer account
  • Code Push Technology: Passengers don’t have to download a new version


Taxi drivers want to work with apps that help them serve more passengers and improve their experience

  • State-of-the-art algorithms to match passengers to drives. Fully configurable based on company’s requirements: Zonal, GPS and/or Hybrid
  • Heat maps to direct drivers to areas of high passenger demand
  • Turn by Turn Navigation available
  • Integrates with credit-card and other payment methods
  • Companion app enabling drivers to receive job notifications when away from vehicles


Rider App

Transit passengers expect the same level of service from an agency app as they would from any other consumer app:

  • Improving passenger experience
  • Modern usability
  • Track & manage existing and future trips
  • Fully configurable
  • based on eligibility
  • Rules defined by admin in backend
  • Track, Update and/or cancel existing trips


Transit drivers want to work with apps that make it easier to perform their duties

Fully Configurable

  • Length of manifest displayed
  • Driver behavior: order of stops, no show, etc
  • Frequency of GPS poll
  • Frequency of system checks

Safe Driving

  • All controls hidden when vehicle is in motion
  • When vehicle is stopped, allow more details
  • Text size, volume, & brightness are configurable


  • Manifest and stop manipulation
  • Turn by turn direction
  • Floating breaks

Ready to optimize your transportation organization?

400 million trips are booked and managed annually through DDS Solutions.
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