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Drivers are looking for modern easy-to-use apps that help them perform their trips as efficiently as possible. DDS Wireless and StrataGen are committed to streamlining your drivers’ experiences through Mobile Apps and Web-based solutions. Our easy-to-use tools reduce new driver onboarding time as well as increase their on-job satisfaction. Our solutions are built to address:

  • Increasing expectations of drivers for a streamlined experience
  • Easy to use tools to be more productive
  • Real-time access to completed trips, earnings, and other information
  • Embedded maps are a must (driver, passenger and dispatch must see the same thing in real-time)
  • 100% uptime is the baseline


Driver App

Taxi drivers want to work with apps that help them serve more passengers and improve their experience

  • State-of-the-art algorithms to match passengers to drivers. Fully configurable based on company’s requirements: Zonal, GPS and/or Hybrid
  • Heat maps to direct drivers to areas of high passenger demand
  • Turn by Turn Navigation available
  • Integrates with credit/debit card and other payment methods including paperless account vouchers
  • Companion app enabling drivers to receive job notifications when away from vehicles

Brind your own Android Tablet / Smartphone or ask us about mSlate III

Soft Meter

Soft Meter runs on the same Android tablet as the driver app. Both the driver and the passenger can view the price of a trip as it happens. Optional Voice announcements are available for visually impaired passengers. DDS provides both a GPS based soft meter and an odometer based soft meter  (NTEP Certification)


Secure in-vehicle payments integrated with the latest payment terminals. Passengers can tap, chip and swipe credit/debit cards and Apple/Google pay. Options available to process paperless account vouchers for account passengers.

Driver Assist

The DDS Driver Assist app enables your drivers to receive and accept trips while they’re away from their cars without jeopardizing service standards or customer experience

Driver Portal

A self-serve easy to use portal for your company drivers

  • Improve your drivers’ experience and provide them easy access to records of the completed trips with fare details by method of payment
  • Reduce the need for drivers to come to the dispatch office saving time for both drivers and your office staff



Transit drivers want to work with apps that make it easier to perform their duties

Fully Configurable

  • Length of manifest displayed
  • Driver behavior: order of stops, no show, etc
  • Frequency of GPS poll
  • Frequency of system checks

Safe Driving

  • All controls hidden when vehicle is in motion
  • When vehicle is stopped, allow more details
  • Text size, volume, & brightness are configurable


  • Manifest and stop manipulation
  • Turn by turn direction
  • Floating breaks

In-vehicle Technology

Our driver apps work on Android Tablets / Smartphones including mSlate III

mSlate III

Featuring a bright display, responsive touch screen and ruggedized build, the mSlate III tablet delivers leading edge performance with simplicity for the ultimate user experience.


  • Bright 7” color flat screen IPS LCD display
  • 4G LTE wireless with state if the art GPS
  • Driver App with Navigation and Soft Meter
  • 12V System – specifically designed to work on vehicle power
  • Multimode cellular data network (PDN)
  • Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Internal battery to provide quick release from vehicle
  • All-in-one connection with tablet dock

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