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In the last 5 years, we have seen a lot of change in the transportation industry. Passengers expectation are at the highest level due to growth of self-service tools like Apps. Deregulation has occurred due to disruptors entering the market. Convergence is also here, first mile last mile and multimodal transportation capabilities are topics of conversation at the dinner table worldwide. All forms of transportation will be connected very soon. Everyone wants to use the best mode and/or most sustainable tool to do the job. Our solutions are built to give our customers control of the present the future and take advantage of change.

  • Deregulation
  • Day of Service Execution
  • New Entrants
  • Convergence
  • Service Types
  • Passenger Experiences
  • Streamline IT and Human Resources

Why DDS Wireless?

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Regulations are changing globally. Less regulated transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber or Lyft are causing disruption in pickup service zones and challenging price regulation standards, additionally transit agencies are incorporating these providers into paratransit services.

Day of Service Execution

Striving to keep planned schedules on time and within allotted costs, day of service execution is critical to passengers and transportation companies alike.

New Entrants

Marketplaces have become increasingly crowded, creating competition for both drivers and passengers; both demanding the fastest service times available.


Now more than ever, taxi companies and demand response agency are working closer together to provide timely transportation to those in need.

Service Levels

Passenger expectations surrounding transportation includes increased scrutiny on price, visibility and amenities. The path to growth is through offering more options. Demands translate across the spectrum, even with paratransit customers who already have a regulated minimum promise of performance.

Passenger Experiences

Passengers have grown accustomed to knowing all the details surrounding their journey. Apps and web portals that give them insight to all aspects of their journey and the ability to quickly make changes regardless of the mode of travel is the new baseline.

Streamline IT and Human Resources

Cloud-based technology reduces the cost of a trip by demanding less human capital. From reducing the need for IT support or reducing the demand for human dispatch, technology that moves with you can reduce overall cost in increase access wherever you want to be.

“I have been using PathFinder for more than 5 years. PathFinder’s configurability has allowed me to change my business model a number of times. I now have a black car fleet, expanded my corporate accounts business, and shifted my taxi fleet to focus more on paratransit.”

Coop/Owner - 800 Taxi’s

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