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Transit agencies struggle with managing the cost of providing required service to a growing number of passengers. Funding is not keeping pace with ridership, transit agencies need ways to reduce costs while maintaining mandated service levels. A transit agency’s challenges break down into three categories:

  1. Lower operational costs
  2. Ensure compliance
  3. Increase service quality and service performance

Additionally, changes in the transportation industry are causing transit agencies to rethink their current service offerings, including the following:

  1. TNCs (Uber, Lyft) are setting the expectation that paratransit costs should go down.
  2. Passengers expect more from the service they receive, including self-service tools and on-demand (immediate) trip booking.


DDS has positioned itself to enable agencies to take advantage of change.
The ADEPT IQ product supports that mission by offering agencies a way to lower operational cost while meeting regulatory compliance and improving passenger experience.

  • 25% of Productivity loss on the day of service – More effective day of service execution
  • Deregulation challenges need to be met head on – Build out a leveraged business model
  • Passengers are demanding better service – Increase number of self-service tools
  • Budgets are stagnant – Streamline Human resources and IT Infrastructure
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Average trip costs have been increasing by 9% year over year for the last 5 years

  • Traffic is getting worse
  • Increase in same-day trip cancellations
  • More clients arriving late

Number of passengers utilizing paratransit has increased 14% over the last 5 years

  • Aging populations will only increase demand for paratransit services
  • Increasing population density in cities will increase pressure on services

On demand paratransit budget growth has not kept up with demand of the market

  • Municipalities and transit agencies face tight budgets that have not kept pace with budgetary needs
  • Fewer employees are expected to carry the load

Passenger Expectations are increasing. Proper Self service tools are expected.

  • Disruptors have changed the way we view transportation
  • Everyone expects more out of their self service tools

What can you do?

More effective day of service execution

Streamline Human resources and IT Infrastructure

Increase number of self-service tools

How does DDS Help with use of Technology?

More effective day of service execution

Same Day -Today

Continuous Optimization focuses on real-time management of day-of-service performance.

  • Using real-time traffic, national weather service, and department of transportation feeds to identify street-level service disruptions
  • Calculating the impact of schedule changes and identifying the best response
  • Using different service provider, available capacity, and contract information to determine best response
  • Dispatching change response either automatically or by allowing dispatcher to commit


Scheduling uses historic & predictive performance data to optimize routes in record time.

  • Adapting agency-specific strategies that prioritize business objectives such as ride-sharing, minimal slack time, or reduced ride time
  • Looking for patterns such as group trips, common picks and drops
  • Combining expected traffic information from Google Maps with historical performance data of each vehicle and service provider
  • Taking into account logical pickup/drop-off order and travel direction to prevent backtracking
  • Optimizing different service provider and contract information to build lowest-cost routes

Long Term

Capacity Planning looks at trends & patterns to recommend contract & capacity optimization.

  • Evaluating current contracts to determine availability, vehicle type and capacity
  • Suggesting which vehicles to use and when to open routes
  • Using historical data and trends to determine most likely demand
  • Enabling more effective immediate, near-term, and long-term capacity planning

Streamline Human Resources & IT Infrastructure


Reduce total cost of ownership while improving availability, scalability, and security with an Amazon Cloud deployment

  • Widespread availability with geographical redundancy
  • Superior security with GovCloud
  • True leveraged network of partners
  • Easier upgrades and monitoring

RESTful API’s and Integration

Modules are designed to work together as one system or they can be integrated through well-defined interfaces with other systems

ADEPT IQ: modular & restful API to integrate with anything

  • Easily integrates with MaaS Global, Siemens, FluildTime, and others to easily incorporate next generation initiatives
  • Reduced risk during migration as it can be done one module at a time ensuring full compliance before moving on
  • Low upgrade risk with limited scope of change rather than affecting the entire system


It’s easier to intervene 10% of the time. Our tools reduce strain on human resources by automating booking, scheduling, and dispatch – while focusing the expertise of your professionals to review & intervene.

Human Efficiency

Live relevant data displayed on consistent embedded maps reduce communication challenges and increase decision making efficiency

Everyone sees and utilizes the same map in REAL TIME.

Increase Self-Service Tools


Give passenagers the desired tools to manage their experiences better:

  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Request bookings
  • Manage bookings, including same-day cancellations
  • Track existing and future trips

Providing Agencies the controls:

  • Fully configurable
  • Rules defined by the admin in the backend
  • Protecting passengers by ensuring all local and regional regulations are followed


A sleek and innovative designed mSlate tablet, that includes a branded driver app.

Fully Configurable

  • Determine length of manifest displayed
  • Driver behavior: order of stops, no show, etc
  • Frequency of GPS poll
  • Frequency of system checks

Safe Driving

  • All controls hidden when vehicle is in motion
  • When vehicle is stopped, allow more details
  • Text Size, volume, & brightness configurable

Map Based

  • Manifest and stop manipulation
  • Turn by Turn direction
  • Floating Breaks

Ready to optimize your transportation organization?

400 million trips are booked and managed annually through DDS Solutions.
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