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The DDS strategy is to provide customers using our demand response software with access to multiple channels. We believe that having open and flexible apps and following a multi-channel approach will maximize your presence in the market.

Taxi Apps

We offer three distinct options to choose from.

Create your own app

It’s important that your brand is represented on your customer’s phone. DDS gives you two ways to create your own app. Allow us to build you a branded app with the DDS Mobile Booker, or build your own app internally and connect using our open interface, OSP.

Use the DDS app

Be part of multiple booking networks with Zoro, the network that uses a single app to send jobs to any registered DDS customer. DDS also works with other networks including FTA, eCab and Curb, maximizing your ability to accept bookings.

Key Features

  • Includes free membership
  • Supports in-app payment through the ZoroPay mechanism
  • Interfaces to multiple networks and is supported by third-party networks like Curb

Choose DDS Mobile Booker Z (Coming soon)

Get the best of both worlds with DDS Mobile Booker Z. This app allows customers to integrate their own app with DDS’s Zoro network, and access DDS taxi fleets no matter where they are.

“We are very pleased with our new PathFinder dispatching solution from DDS. Our fleet is highly optimized thanks to the increased configurability and new dispatch methods built into PathFinder, including the ability to set different dispatch methods for different times of the day and days of the week.”

Owner – 225 Taxi’s

Paratransit Apps

DDS provides mobile apps to service paratransit drivers and riders. Using our apps, you can provide drivers and passengers the freedom to connect from anywhere, using any mobile device.

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ADEPT Explorer

If your drivers use tablets to view trips and access routes, then ADEPT Explorer is for you. It provides all the capabilities of an in-vehicle MDT, but as a mobile application that can be installed on any Android tablet.

Key Features

  • Display manifest in both list view and on map
  • Automatically update stop list based on changes, such as cancellations and no-shows
  • Record arrival and departure at stops, including time, lat/long and odometer
  • Collect GPS ping information and use to track vehicle location in real-time
  • Communicate with dispatchers via canned text messages
  • Trigger messages that alert dispatchers to on-the-road emergencies
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ADEPT Concierge (Coming 2018)

This mobile application increases rider satisfaction, providing riders immediate access to the information they want. It allows riders to manage their own trips, thereby reducing call center costs for transit operators.

Key Features

  • Book and cancel trips or subscriptions
  • Log in securely
  • View trip information, including real-time ETAs and vehicle locations
  • Show current vehicle location and pickup/dropoff stops on a map
  • Manage contact information and notification preferences
  • View eligibility and certification information
  • Run on either iOS or Android smartphones and tablets

Ready to optimize your transportation organization?

400 million trips are booked and managed annually through DDS Solutions.