TaxiBook IQ Release SSP4.7.0, SSP4.8.0, SSP4.9.0, SSP4.10.0

New Features and Enhancements

1. Deactivation Management Upgrade:

Overview:  Admin users can now add an “Activation Note” field within the driver and vehicle widget in the admin web portal. This feature empowers administrators to document and track the reasons behind driver or vehicle deactivation, fostering transparency and accountability in the administrative processes.

Key Functionalities:

Deactivation Reason Prompt: Toggle the activation button, and a convenient pop-up will prompt you for a brief explanation, ensuring documentation at the decision point.
“Deactivation Reason” Field: A dedicated field in the admin web portal allows seamless input and viewing of deactivation reasons.
Concise Documentation: Input meaningful and concise reasons, enforcing a 250-character limit.
Enhanced Visibility: Deactivation reasons are prominently displayed within driver and vehicle details for quick review.
Effortless Reactivation: Clear previous reasons automatically when reactivating, ensuring a seamless process.
Driver Pro Notification: Drivers receive an automatic sign-off message upon deactivation for effective communication.

2. Trip Priority Feature:

Feature Overview: Introducing a new “Priority” checkbox within the booking section UI. This addition streamlines your dispatching workflow.

Key Functionalities:

Priority Checkbox:
Integrated into the booking section UI, the “Priority” checkbox allows for seamless trip prioritization.
Dispatching Precedence: The system intelligently prioritizes and dispatches trips with the “Priority” checkbox enabled ahead of non-priority trips.
Order of Priority Trips: In scenarios with multiple priority trips, our dispatching algorithm maintains efficiency by arranging them based on their original order or time of creation.

3. Remove Passenger Count from Webbooker:

Overview:  Disable the passenger count field on the webbooker.

4. Arrival Notification Confirmation Message for Driver:

Overview: Sends drivers a confirmation message upon successful delivery of an arrival notification to the customer.

Key Functionalities:

Automatic Confirmation Message: Upon successful sending of an arrival notification for a specific trip, an automatic confirmation message is triggered and sent to the driver.

5. Bidding and Attributes

Overview: Empowering drivers with control over the trips they bid on, ensuring they match their preferences, and increasing the likelihood of being assigned trips that align with their interests.

Key Functionalities:

Attribute-based Trip Filtering: The system filters out trips for which the driver does not possess the required attributes.
Bidding Screen Display: When accessing the bidding screen, the driver sees a list of available trips open for bidding.
Auction List Information: The auction list displays key trip details, including address and zone information.
Bidding List Refresh: The bidding list refreshes frequently once a trip is active to ensure real-time information.
Configurable Bid Radius: The system allows configuration of bid broadcast messages based on a defined bid radius.
Enable/Disable Functionality: Users have the option to enable or disable bid broadcast message functionality according to their preferences.
Bid Radius Job Offers: Drivers within the bid radius receive job offers based on their preferences and bidding history.

6. Address for street hire

Overview: Enhancing administrative capabilities, this feature ensures that billing records for completed street hire trips capture and prominently display the closest street addresses for both pickup and drop-off locations.

Key Functionalities:

Street Address Display: Billing reports for each completed street hire trip will display the closest street addresses for both pickup and drop-off locations.

7. Attribute-Saving and Recall Feature:

Overview: This feature streamlines the dispatcher’s workflow by recalling assigned attributes for previously dispatched trips. It enhances efficiency by eliminating the need to reapply attributes when making new bookings.

Key Functionalities:

Attribute Recording: System records attributes assigned to specific trips and associates them with passenger trip details.
Access to Attribute List: Dispatchers can access a list of attributes associated with each previously dispatched trip within the dispatcher portal.
Easy Application: When creating a new booking, dispatchers can effortlessly select and apply saved attributes from the list.

8. Web Map SDK update and Market Cluster:

Overview: The Web Map SDK has transitioned from version 4.47.6 to 6.x, featuring a new consolidation feature. Multiple vehicles are now represented by a single, larger marker on the map, indicating the number of vehicles within. Clicking on the consolidated marker initiates a zoom-in, revealing individual vehicles in the cluster.

Key Functionalities:

Consolidated Vehicle Marker: A larger marker represents multiple vehicles. Numeric indicator displays the quantity.
Cluster Visualization: Differentiated color scheme for cluster marker. Enhances map aesthetics and updated addresses.
Interactive Zoom: Clicking on a consolidated marker zooms in and displays individual vehicles within the cluster.
Detailed View: Zoomed-in map shows individual vehicle markers and retains access to vehicle status.

Bug Fix:

9. Driver Queue Position Control 

Overview:  Drivers suspended after rejection are now placed at the end of the queue.

Upcoming Release:

  • SMS to Voice Call Out Arrival Notification.
  • ICBC detailed report improvements.
  • Enhanced Trip Search Option for Dispatcher
  • Log fare and approval code for credit card transactions in trip logs
  • Displaying both the Account Name and Account Number in Job Offer, Driver Portal, and Admin reporting.