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At DDS and Stratagen Systems we are committed to helping you weigh the options on buy versus build. We help your organization balance the risk associated with choosing a solution that meets your immediate needs while thinking about long term goals and vision. Below are some points to consider while making your in-vehicle technology decision. We look forward to discussing all options when you are ready to improve your in-vehicle strategy.


  • Fully supported and built by one vendor
  • Vendor will manage the entire upgrade process
  • Everything has been tested for the transportation service provider market
  • Upfront costs higher- long-term costs lower
  • Vendor will commit to keeping the costs down on supporting systems they have control over
  • Vendor equipment will not get stolen because it is not a desired consumer good
  • Ruggedized work tool with a 3-5 year life span. Designed, tested and built for in vehicle use
  • Not easy to hack, so your data will not be compromised. It comes with NTEP certification
  • mSlate connectivity is designed for transportation industry-wired into the vehicle with ports


  • Not Fully Supported by Vendor – potentially multiple vendors involved
  • Nobody manages the entire upgrade process
  • Not all the parts of the system are built for the transportation service provider market
  • Upfront costs can be lower but long-term costs trend higher
  • One vendor cannot commit to fully supporting third party ecosystem completely –without charging a higher rate
  • Tablets may get stolen
  • Built to be a consumer good meaning they come with a 1-2 year lifespan
  • Built for pleasure, and easier to hack. Cannot be NTEP certified
  • Easy to have data overage charges
  • tablet connectivity built for data consumption, cannot wired into vehicle and does not have ports

Current Product DDS and Stratagen Systems will support Buy Versus Build


The mSlate is a ruggedized mobile data computer built to perform in the most demanding commercial fleet settings. Built by DDS Wireless, the mSlate blends powerful wireless technology and GPS vehicle tracking along with voice and data communications in a fully-integrated platform to boost vehicle monitoring and on-time performance.

  • Bright 7” color flat screen IPS LCD display
  • Multi touch and gesture capacitive touch screen
  • Internal or external audio speaker
  • 3D Graphical accelerator
  • 6 programmable quick keys
  • 12V System – specifically designed to work on vehicle power
  • Multimode cellular data network (PDN)
  • WiFi and Bluetooth support
  • Hard Mount compatible – bolted into vehicle to reduce both theft and vibration damage


There are many options to consider when choosing the build option. DDS & Stratagen systems System Engineers will work with you to understand the right solution for you.

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