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DDS Wireless is a world leader in demand response software and deployed mobile data terminals. We build solutions that allow drivers to use their own devices, and offer a sturdier device built for longevity and harsher conditions. We provide drivers with every option to fit their needs and successfully manage passenger requests.

Devices & Accessories

Optimize your operation with our devices & accessories
Devices & Accessories


The mSlate is a ruggedized mobile data computer built to perform in the most demanding commercial fleet settings. Built by DDS Wireless, the mSlate blends powerful wireless technology and GPS vehicle tracking along with voice and data communications in a fully-integrated platform to boost vehicle monitoring and on-time performance.



Wired and bluetooth smart printer.


Full harness and transition cable.


We sell the TaoGlas antenna.

Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

Flexibility with your own device

In-vehicle technology is evolving so fast. At DDS, we are committed to helping you, the customer, adapt to these changes as they happen.

We understand that every company is different. Every company wants to bring their own devices to the party, with a focus on Android. We are building solutions that work with your hardware.

Driver Pro App for Taxi

This app allows drivers to accept jobs and manage their activities, and identify busy areas with heat maps and hot zones. Available on Android tablets or the mSlate ruggedized tablet.

Soft Meter for Taxi

Soft Meter allows you to modernize the front of your vehicle, increase driver efficiency and reduce errors, all while providing precise time and distance measurement. It runs on the same device as Driver Pro.

Driver Assistant for Taxi

This app enables drivers to receive and accept trips while away from their vehicles without jeopardizing service standards or customer experience. Available on iOS or Android.

ADEPT Explorer for Transit

This app provides your drivers with up-to-date trip manifests and turn-by-turn navigation for optimal productivity and safety. The driver can track arrival and perform events at each stop while maintaining continuous communication with dispatch. Available on Android or the mSlate ruggedized tablet.

mBus & MBRV

This MobiRouter and MTC companion app is the driver’s productivity tool. It enables drivers to manage shifts, breaks, trip acceptance and reporting, vehicle tracking and messaging to dispatch. Available on iOS, Android or the mSlate ruggedized tablet.

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