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Explore PathFinder™ 5.0

Zone Broadcast - 2019-12

  • Explore PathFinder™ 5.0

  • DDS' Latest App Technology

  • New Customer Profile: Astro Taxi

  • Amazon Web Services: Working with the world's largest company

  • Customer Champion: Kulvir Dhillon


Explore PathFinder™ 5.0

PathFinder™ 5.0 is DDS Wireless’s latest update to our PathFinder™ technology. Highlighted new features for the new update include the switch to new TomTom Maps for the call taker and dispatcher. With updated Map data and a new interface, taxi operators can find any passenger or vehicle with certainty. As we shift PathFinder™ to a more future friendly platform, moving the call taker screen to a web based architecture is among the first steps taken to create a friendlier, more robust, user interface. Web Based Call Taker, now has the look and feel of a modern software platform, with an immense amount of new features.

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Some of these features include overflow IVR, SoftPhone, and the ability to create your own custom workplace with configurable widgets. The Web Based Call Taker can be accessed from anywhere in the world through an internet browser. Please call your sales rep, or email to set up a demo.

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PathFinder™ 5.0

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DDS' Latest App Technology

TomTom Maps, the mapping platform preferred by Apple Maps, offers an array of new features including the ability to see buildings in real time 3-D. DDS has also introduced increased security measures that require passengers to enter their postal code for verification during app payment, along with a credit card, conveniently on their profile. This heightened security will help to reduce the risk associated with charge backs. These upgrades, along with the ability to give driver ratings and tips, as well as receive emails with detailed receipts, allow the newest mobile app from DDS to help you compete with any TNC.


New Customer Profile: Astro Taxi

Astro Taxi was established over 20 years ago in the city of Vaughn, Ontario near Canada's Wonderland. Owner Paul Bhatthal recently made the move to transfer his company’s dispatch and operations center from Softcab, after 8 years, to DDS Wireless. President Raj Balraj’s experience working at City Taxi of Toronto, gave him a strong familiarity with DDS’ Technology, which was instrumental in the transition. Astro Taxi's features are accessible using a free, easy to use 2 click app. They also offer corporate accounts which include airport service, parcel and document delivery, as well as client or employee transportation. Ecstatic about the transition to the more robust software platform, Astro has now increased their ability to compete in the GTA transportation industry.


Amazon Web Services: Working with the world's largest company

DDS' Pathfinder solution started out as an on premise software based platform. As cloud technology has advanced and increased in reliability, we have introduced the Pathfinder cloud platform exclusively on Amazon's Web Services, the largest such cloud in the world. They host platforms such as Netflix and NASA, proving ultimate up time.  Working with this industry trailblazer has provided many advantages to DDS and the 25 customers currently on the Pathfinder Cloud. There is also a built in redundancy that features advanced monitoring tools, which ensure that you are always connected to your Pathfinder system. For more information on how to move your company over to the cloud, please don't hesitate to contact your sales rep or email


Customer Champion: Kulvir Dhillon

Kulvir Singh Dhillon was born in Vancouver, in 1974. He spent his childhood in Cranbrook and graduated from Frank Hurt Secondary School in Surrey. Upon entering the taxi industry he began work as a graveyard dispatcher at Newton Whalley Taxi, working there for 8 years. He then joined Delta Sunshine Taxi as their head dispatcher, a position he held for 5 years before joining DDS Wireless, where he has worked for the past 6 years. With nearly 20 years of experience mastering DDS products including Taxibook and Pathfinder, Kulvir's expertise and customer reputation make him the definition of a Customer Champion. For any customer service needs please contact him or any of our other representatives and expect professional customer support and service.

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